Sunday, October 26, 2014

I'm not the only one convinced that Fibromyalgia is essentially a back problem.

There is currently a video on YouTube called 'Fibromyalgia One Solution'. If you've been diagnosed or you have the symptoms, you may want to watch that video. To say the very least, it is compelling.

I am not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with it's producer. I just happen to share his views.

By the way, with three new comments posted within four minutes by two new users, both seeking medical advice and after considering the seething hatred for and failed attempts to discredit me so far, it occurred to me that it may be illegal to advise others even with a disclaimer no matter how noble your intentions are, how damn good your advice is, or how desperately some people need to read the truth instead of the latest line of commercially motivated propaganda.

It occurred to me that I could be set up by those who desperately want me off the Guardian Liberty Voice website. Possibly by those who stand to lose ad revenue, clients, or drug sale profits.

From now on, I will simply suggest a click on my name. Soon, I will create a new page explaining how I transformed my life drastically ultimately becoming the most healthy and resilient person I have ever known. I will also explain how I saved one life and significantly improved three more proving a number of doctors dead wrong in the process. Finally, I will explain my ‘suspicions’ regarding Fibro, RLS, and a number of ‘conditions’ which doctors have failed miserably to make any real progress on.

What a pathetic state of affairs when the most bloated pig industry in the world can get away with drugging everyone and leaving millions riddled with side-effects while curing nothing and reaping multi-billion dollar profits.

Go back one page at a time all the way to October 21st of 2014 when I posted my first comment on Guardian Liberty Voice.

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