Sunday, October 26, 2014

I'm not the only one convinced that Fibromyalgia is essentially a back problem.

There is currently a video on YouTube called 'Fibromyalgia One Solution'. If you've been diagnosed or you have the symptoms, you may want to watch that video. To say the very least, it is compelling.

I am not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with it's producer. I just happen to share his views.

By the way, with three new comments posted within four minutes by two new users, both seeking medical advice and after considering the seething hatred for and failed attempts to discredit me so far, it occurred to me that it may be illegal to advise others even with a disclaimer no matter how noble your intentions are, how damn good your advice is, or how desperately some people need to read the truth instead of the latest line of commercially motivated propaganda.

It occurred to me that I could be set up by those who desperately want me off the Guardian Liberty Voice website. Possibly by those who stand to lose ad revenue, clients, or drug sale profits.

From now on, I will simply suggest a click on my name. Soon, I will create a new page explaining how I transformed my life drastically ultimately becoming the most healthy and resilient person I have ever known. I will also explain how I saved one life and significantly improved three more proving a number of doctors dead wrong in the process. Finally, I will explain my ‘suspicions’ regarding Fibro, RLS, and a number of ‘conditions’ which doctors have failed miserably to make any real progress on.

What a pathetic state of affairs when the most bloated pig industry in the world can get away with drugging everyone and leaving millions riddled with side-effects while curing nothing and reaping multi-billion dollar profits.

Go back one page at a time all the way to October 21st of 2014 when I posted my first comment on Guardian Liberty Voice.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Reply to Valerie Scofield.

Valerie, I have some advice for you.

#1. Pay attention. You're confusing some of my remarks with those of another user.

#2. Regarding my attitude: Get over it.

#3. Step out of that happy little bubble of naivete you've been living in once in a while. Do some research. The ugly truth is that much of what you've 'learned' is little more than medical propaganda. It's become a serious issue with many doctors actually coming out and admitting that medical research is often falsified in order to sell unnecessary testing and/or treatment.

Again, pay attention. I've already admitted that I'm not a doctor and I've never claimed to have the back/circulation problem otherwise known as 'Fibromyalgia'.

Scoliosis? Gee what a shock. That makes three admitted back problems on the same page. I'm telling you that is the underlying cause. Fibromyalgia is caused primarily or entirely by pinched, tickled, or otherwise aggravated spinal nerves. If it weren't for widespread corruption within commercial healthcare research, this would have been confirmed years ago.

Virtually every symptom you've made reference to is known to be caused or aggravated by poor back health. The others are probably secondary issues. The healthcare industry is notorious for ignoring or misdiagnosing secondary issues.

If you've done all those things you claim to have done, landscaping in particular, then you have almost certainly injured or aggravated your back on many occasions resulting in degeneration. Again, this is known to cause a number of bizarre symptoms including pain all over the body.

In other words, it is possible to be too active and/or active but in bad form. Again, this is a primary contributory factor. The problem is that the traditional healthcare industry has either failed or flat-out refused to connect the dots.

Forget about my attitude. That doesn't matter. The fact is that like everyone else on this planet, I have my own unique set of skills. I've been proven right on these sorts of issues more often and in a more profound manner than you will ever allow yourself to believe.

I'm not trying to be arrogant, I'm not trying to insult anyone, and I'm not trying to hurt any feelings. I'm trying to help.

I'm telling you that Fibromyalgia is caused primarily by poor back health and, in some cases, poor circulation resulting from inactivity or excessive weight. These factors are the underlying cause of chemical and physiological changes that do occur and the pain, stiffness, and fatigue associated with the 'condition' known as Fibromyalgia.

This condition is preventable and reversible in most cases. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind.

I don't know of a cure for scoliosis but it may be improved significantly with the proper balance and form of low impact exercise.

Find a doctor you can trust within that miserable and corrupt industry, consult with him or her, and consider using a low stride elliptical. They most often work wonders on the middle to lower body. Again, back health is the key to recovery.

I have no intention whatsoever to discontinue my posts anytime soon.

Click my name. Again, I'm trying to help you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I am being censored by Guardian Liberty Voice because of my views regarding Fibromyalgia.


As a skeptic of modern commercial healthcare intervention with knowledge of widespread incompetence, tunnel vision, corruption, and fraud within the industry, I have a few suspicions regarding the condition known as 'Fibromyalgia'.

Shortly after I expressed my views on, in response to an article making reference to a so called 'breakthrough' regarding Fibromyalgia, I found myself under heavy censorship. I was unable to respond to criticism and no longer able to post anything relevant with the ID I had used to post the original entry.

My position with regard to the article in a nut shell:

The article makes reference to a single similarity reported to be among Fibromyalgia patients within the study group. An "excessive amount of a particular type of nerve fiber called arteriole-venule (AV) shunts" within their hands.

That's it. The rest of the article is nothing but filler. 'Breakthrough' my ass. Still, it's worth addressing.

My suspicion is that if true among 90% of a study group of considerable size, then the 'excess nerve fiber' is the body's way of trying to compensate for something being done to it by it's owner. Perhaps, the 'excess nerve fiber' is created by the body in order to heighten sensitivity to injury because the owner has made a habit of either taking pain killers or ignoring pain all together. Or it could be created in response to a back injury resulting in a pinched or tickled spinal nerve. Or in response to a pinched or tickled spinal nerve caused by excessive weight or inactivity.

In other words, my guess is that at least 9 out of 10 of those diagnosed with Fibromyalgia are to blame for their own conditions. The others may be unfortunate victims of circumstance.

Below is a copy of my original entry followed by that which I was unable to post because of censorship, a quick test for censorship, and finally, three more entries that I was allowed to post using a new ID and a new email address:


I’ve never accused Fibromyalgia patents of ‘imagining’ their symptoms. But I remain absolutely convinced that we as idiot hypochondriac Americans are screwing up our bodies by popping pills for every little ache, pain, jitter, worry, and sniffle. By doing so, we unnecessarily alter chemical balances, overwork certain organs and underwork others. Nerves and blood vessels included. We alter our body’s natural reactions to stimuli, including those which cause pain.

I also remain convinced that nothing good comes from being overweight and/or inactive. Over the years, I’ve known at least a dozen people to complain of Fibromyalgia. Every single one of them to date, has been female, overweight, not particularly active except for one who had a number of bad habits related to posture and form and of course, on a number of medications to treat ordinary pain and the symptoms of being overweight and/or inactive.

By total contrast, I’ve also known a number of people who take good care of their bodies, keep their weights reasonable, get some sort of daily exercise with good form and range of motion and keep their use of pharmaceuticals to an absolute minimum. They don’t run to the medicine cabinet at the first sign of a tummy ache, headache or backache.

I’ve never known a single person of any age with the common sense and discipline to make a real effort and live responsibly to complain of Fibermyalgia. Not a single one.

This is no coincidence.

I’m not denying the concept of an occasional mistake made by Mother Nature. She isn’t perfect. But most of our health related issues are the result of our own mistakes.

The vast overwhelming majority of Fibromyalgia patients don’t need anymore ‘treatment’. They need to get off the couch and get their weight down. They need to get those limbs moving through their full range of motion. They need to grow up and stop running to the medicine cabinet for every little ache, pain, worry, jitter, and sniffle. These are Mother Nature’s natural indicators. She isn’t telling you to run to the medicine cabinet. She is telling you to reevaluate and get it right. In other words, to take better care of yourself.

This applies to at least 9 out of 10.

Let the attacks commence. But first, read my Slort.

After posting the above entry, I was met with nothing but criticism except for one user who felt my points were valid.

The following comment was censored repeatedly. I was unable to get it posted after several tries. Variations were censored as well:


No shock here. This is a carbon copy of the criticism I received the last time I responded to a page like this. and the time before that and the time before that.

Of course, I've considered the issue of cause and effect. Duh. But in most cases, at least 9 out of 10, it's the lifestyle that causes the illness, injury, or 'condition'. Not the other way around. I'm assuming the 1 out of 10 as a margin of statistical error. For every last case that I've personally known got stupid and/or lazy first. Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia later. Every single one.

Take it from someone who grew up sickly and weak. Take it from someone who used to become seriously ill at least twice per month. Take it from someone who was on Darvon at the age of 12. Take it from someone who used to literally pass out in school from severe migraine headaches. Take it from someone who at one time, could not touch his knees because of a severe back problem. Take it from someone who decided against the advice of his doctor, to give up all meds including aspirin at the age of 18. Take it from someone who has since become, to this day, many years later, the most healthy and resilient person he has ever known.

Take it from someone who has taken no pharmaceutical or internal medical intervention of any kind since the age of 18.

Take it from someone who literally saved the life of his 81 year old step-dad by getting him out of a death-bed nursing home and down from 13 separate prescription drugs every single day to two each day thereby proving all of his doctors including a world renowned heart specialist dead wrong. Not only with regard to heart disease but also advanced Alzheimer's, Bipolar, and Schizophrenia. All of which he was diagnosed with. None of which he ever had except for age related high blood pressure. All of the other symptoms, I mean ALL OF THEM became virtually non-existent once he got the bulk of that pharmaceutical CRAP out of his system.

At the age of 79 in the state of a bed-ridden vegetable on 13 separate prescription drugs every single day, we were told that he was near death. At the age of 81, living on MY advice and only two prescription drugs daily at VERY low dose, he functions like a healthy 65 year old.

So please, get over your hurt little feelings and take my advice seriously. I'm trying to help you.

Also, explain to me how it is that in spite of our 'drug and doctor' lifestyles, here in the medical testing capital of the world, we have gone from slim, healthy, and relatively fit as a nation, to fat, lethargic, and riddled with illness over the last 40 years.

Then explain how it is that in spite of our 'drug and doctor' lifestyles, here in the pharmaceutical capital of the world, we have WELL BELOW the highest average lifespan of those from other developed countries who rely instead on simple natural living and exactly the advice I'm giving all of you.

Explain it.

Then tell me again how 'ignorant' I am.

After the above comment was rejected along with several variations, I decided to submit the following comment in order to test for censorship:


Unable to post reply. Test for censorship:

Happy happy day.

The above comment posted immediately. So I tried again to submit the previous attempt. Again, it was rejected. Finally, I posted the following three comments using a new ID and a new email address:


I am being censored heavily because my views are not sponsor friendly. It's not the first time.

Guardianlv, you just made a big mistake. Now, I will create a number of web pages ripping on your sponsors for their efforts to keep America fat, stupid, and in constant desire of little round or oval things to make their troubles go away. Starting with the big building where they go and the company that takes their money in exchange for coverage. I'm ripping on them starting today. If you continue to censor me, I will keep ripping on them.

That is a solemn promise.

Renee, good for you. You are evidently the exception to the rule. Perhaps Mother Nature is to blame in your case. Keep on fighting. But keep looking for contributory factors as well. Routine, posture, form, possible excess, furniture, car seat, mattress, diet, ect.

and see a kyropracter (misspelled intentionally for I am being censored heavily). It's worth a try.

Regarding the test you call for. Thats fine but they should test for the cause as well as the condition.

Best wishes.


One more thing. I believe I can give this piece of advice without being sued for it.

Get a stiff bar installed somewhere in your home at the proper height that you can hang from safely. Watch your form and hang from that bar several times each day or whenever you feel like you need a good stretch. This will gently stretch your back and reduce pressure on discs and possibly reduce the effects of aggravated or tickled spinal nerves which are known to cause pain all over your body. If you don’t develop calluses on your hands, then you’re not hanging from that bar often enough. If you develop pain in your wrists specifically, you may be hanging too often. Our tendons need their rest on occasion.

If you don’t have the strength to hang at all, even for a few seconds, then you are probably too heavy. If so, try to lose some weight. Start simple. If you want a treat or a snack, then deny yourself for 10 minutes. Then 20. Then 30 and so on. Don’t skip breakfast and don’t try to lose weight drastically or too quickly. Just try to get your food intake reasonable and your activity up enough to burn the excess calories. Always watch your form no matter what you do. Form is very important.

Because America is the litigation capital of the world, I must also advise you to find a doctor you can trust (that’s the trick in today’s world of greed and corruption) and consult with that doctor before taking my advice.

By the way, this entry was posted with a new ID and a new email address. The other is being censored so heavily that I am unable to post anything more than a shallow one or two liner with no mention whatsoever of the issue being discussed on this page.


This article makes reference only to a single similarity among Fibromyalgia patients within the study group. An "excessive amount of a particular type of nerve fiber called arteriole-venule (AV) shunts" within their hands.

That's it. The rest of the article is nothing but filler. 'Breakthrough' my a$$. Still, it's worth addressing.

My suspicion is that if true among a very large percentage of Fibromyalgia patients, again, we are not told one word about the size of the study group, then the 'excess nerve fiber' is the body's way of trying to compensate for something being done to it by it's owner. Perhaps, the 'excess nerve fiber' is created by the body in order to heighten sensitivity to injury because the owner had made a habit of either taking pain killers or ignoring pain all together. Or it could be created in response to a back injury resulting in a pinched spinal nerve. Or in response to a tickled spinal nerve due to excessive weight.

In other words, I stand by my comment made earlier. Mother Nature isn't perfect but we screw up a hell of a lot more often than she does. My guess is that at least 9 out of 10 of those diagnosed with Fibromyalgia are to blame for their own conditions.

Renee may be one of the exceptions. Then again, she wasn't part of the study group so we don't know if she has the excess 'arteriole-venule shunts' within her hands. If she does, then perhaps she suffered an athletic injury which caused her body to produce the excess fiber. She may not even have the same condition. After all, like she points out, there isn't a simple test to confirm it with any certainty.

There are still too many unanswered questions. Some of which are acknowledged within the 'filler' of this article. Like I said, 'breakthrough' my a$$.

Beware of articles like this one. The commercial healthcare industry has become notorious for hyping up so called 'breakthroughs' which are really nothing but tiny little hints of progress.

They are even more notorious for ignoring the underlying causes of illness and curious 'conditions' like Fibromyalgia. This is no accident for their is no profit to be made by this industry in telling people how to avoid ending up in a doctor's office to begin with.

I take no pleasure in offending any of you. Like I said at the end of a detailed reply, which I tried multiple times to submit in various forms using the 'Sxxxx' ID, I am trying to help you.

I am going to post that reply along with my original entry on a new blog page to be created within one hour of this entry. Click my name and check it out.

It's worth noting that Guardian Liberty Voice sells ad space to a number of commercial healthcare oriented sponsors. This may explain why I was censored so heavily after posting my initial entry in response to this article.

LATEST CRITIC: Nice try with the grade-school psychology. However, if you click on my name and then my profile, you will learn (well, you'll have the opportunity anyway) very quickly what motivates me. It is the polar opposite of personal gain. I have over 20 webpages. Not one of them has anything to do with my own line of work. Which by the way, is rife with corruption just like every major industry these days.

I am living proof that what I preach is no joke. Not only that, but I've already saved one life and greatly improved three more with my advice. I've proven a number of doctors dead wrong in the process.

Regarding chiropractic: The basics most often work wonders within two weeks. It's the newer generation of 'buy this, buy that' chiropractors who are turning the field into a retail outlet for the latest batch of over-priced 'miracle in a bottle' CRAP you need to watch out for. The field itself is about as legitimate as any field ever has been. In fact, there was a huge class action lawsuit back in the 90s in which the field was proven legit and a bunch of MDs ripping on it were proven dead wrong. Most professional athletes and/or teams have chiropractors on staff. That should tell you something.

But it's not my field. Not even close.

Because our 'greedy pig' 'gotta get rich' country is the litigation capital of the world, I must tell you to find a doctor you can trust (good luck) and consult with him or her before taking my advice.

But know this: I have been proven right in so many ways on the issue of basic health, fitness, resilience, and anti-aging. I've carefully considered at least a dozen health related issues that doctors rarely make any progress on in order to determine underlying cause and effect. To date, I've only failed to resolve three.

Burning foot pain, Lupis, and the 'condition' known as Fibromyalgia. But it's not because I'm a quack. It's because you people are so incredibly stubborn and set in your ways, that I've been unable to get a single one of you to take my advice.

Forget about my attitude. IT DOESN'T MATTER and do yourself a favor. ALL OF YOU.

Find the courage, step out of that 'fibromyalgia' state of mind, and consider the possibility that I'm trying to help you. If and when you are able to rule out the factors I've mentioned here and on my own page, then re-evaluate your condition. But don't expect the poor excuse for a 'breakthrough' near the top of this page to do you any good. It's not even a 'cause'. It's an 'effect' at best.

Find the courage and think outside of that 'fibromyalgia' box for a while.